Traditional Ales & Beers at the White Horse Country Pub with Dining, Rogate, West Sussex

Traditional Ales & Beers, we pride ourselves on the quality of our all our drinks, especially our real ale. Our reputation for great real ale has rewarded the pub with loyal customers that keep coming back for more.


Monday – Saturday

11am – 11pm


12am – 10.30pm


Cask Ale is also known as cask conditioned beer or real ale. It’s not pasteurised and is very much alive; the brewer’s yeast is still active – conditioning the beer from a fining bed (or lees) at the bottom of the cask.

This conditioning takes the form of natural carbonation which has a much more subtle stimulation of the taste sensors than artificially added gases used to dispense keg beers from pressurised containers.


A selection of our ales

Sussex Best Bitter ABV 4.0%

Olympia ABV 4.3%

Armada Ale ABV 4.5%

I.P.A ABV 3.5%


A selection of draught beers

Foster’s Lager ABV 4%

Amstel Lager ABV 4.1%

Kronenbourg 1664 Lager ABV 5.5%

Draught Guinness ABV 4.1%

Thatchers Gold Draught Cider ABV 4.8%

Coming soon

If real ale isn’t your ‘cup of tea’ then don’t worry as The White Horse has it covered; we stock a large variety of spirits, bottles, soft drinks and hot drinks to cater for all tastes.