Cask Ale is also known as cask conditioned beer or real ale. It’s not pasteurised and is very much alive; the brewer’s yeast is still active – conditioning the beer from a fining bed (or lees) at the bottom of the cask.

This conditioning takes the form of natural carbonation which has a much more subtle stimulation of the taste sensors than artificially added gases used to dispense keg beers from pressurised containers.


A selection of our ales

Sussex Best Bitter ABV 4.0%

Olympia ABV 4.3%

Armada Ale ABV 4.5%

I.P.A ABV 3.5%


A selection of draught beers

Foster’s Lager ABV 4%

Amstel Lager ABV 4.1%

Kronenbourg 1664 Lager ABV 5.5%

Draught Guinness ABV 4.1%

Thatchers Gold Draught Cider ABV 4.8%

Coming soon

If real ale isn’t your ‘cup of tea’ then don’t worry as The White Horse has it covered; we stock a large variety of spirits, bottles, soft drinks and hot drinks to cater for all tastes.